Brandon Hudson - Fan of the Week

May 13 | Posted by: AT Team |

When Aaron first started, we were at every FL GA event, backstage through wtrs radio station. Brandon idolized Aaron. It has been 25 years. I have so many pictures of him and Aaron I can send. Aaron would call our home because Brandon would skip school when he knew his hero was in town and of course I would take him to the station to see him. He had given him a blue angel pilot hat, which someone stole and it broke his heart. However, my son has really been so down and depressed and cant seem to catch a break. Id love to send him to see Aaron and reunite them after 25 years. I truly cant afford to buy all of this. I am now on disability. But  he will be in orange park fl on 6/25. Oh how I wish we can arrange for Brandon to see Aaron again. He needs a good pep talk from someone he has always looked up to. Be Blessed and TY

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