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Mar 18 | Posted by: AT Team |

I was raised by my grandparents.  In 1996 I was in 10th grade Geometry.  I finally had a teacher that made sense when explaining things.  Math was a subject I had struggled with my whole life.  I had a friend that was struggling in that class.  So, me being the great friend I am, decided to give him the answers to the mid-term exam.  We were caught.  When my next report card came in, my grandma was puzzled as to why my grade in Geometry had dropped from a high B to a low C in such a short period of time.  Of course I wasn't going to confess.  Luckily for her, one of my cousins told her everything.  That night, I got one of those lectures that you get when you'd rather just get a spanking.  But, I guess at that point I was too big for spankings.  A few days later we were riding in the car and Aaron Tippin came on the radio.  She turned it up and told me I needed to remember this song the next time I decide to cheat on a test or do anything else dishonest.  The song was "You've Got To Stand For Something."  I've never forgotten that.  I never will. This is why I love country music. It's real.  It speaks of real life. 

I was asked to find a picture of my grandma and myself.  But, I find it more fitting to send a picture of both of my grandparents.

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