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Feb 19 | Posted by: AT Team |

I am forever grateful for your music, your music helped shape me and make me into the man I am today. My parents were divorced while I was young and I only saw my dad on weekends growing up. And in the time I spent with him, he taught me a lot but he wasn't a man of words... Your music brought his example to life for me... Songs like, "you've got to stand for something" and "I got it honest" are probably my two favorite songs and built a solid level of morals that lead me into joining the United States Marine Corps where I served 8 years honorably but retired early due to the injuries I received in combat in Iraq... To this day I still live by your words and songs as if you were teaching me personally. I actually used your music to help others in the Marines make clear sound decisions that are for the greater good and not our own selfish needs... Now that I'm retired, I still have the on the go mentality of a Marine and with PTSD I have to stay busy or the depression takes control of my mind... One of my Marine brothers I served with caught my eye on my Facebook feed where he was walking a few hundred miles to raise awareness for vets and families that suffer from injuries from combat and the reality of those that suffer may flirt with suicide and that 22 vets a day will kill themselves today, tomorrow, and the next day and so on... Those numbers need to be lowered if at all possible by all means necessary, that being said, again because of your music, I knew I needed to join this movement and stand for what is right.... So I am now walking many miles to spread the word and awareness of what we call "The Wounded Walk." I carry a ruck sack on my back that contains everything I own. I'm not homeless, I always have a place to stay with my family, I just like being on the road now... So thank you Aaron, for your music... And please don't think I am sending you this for any kind of publicity of any kind I don't want money or anything... Because brother if I didn't earn it, I don't want it... And even if you don't respond to me I just hope you get the message that you and your music has done more for my life than anything... And I know it has touched others just as deeply, so please keep making music keep spreading the words of your father and how he shaped you into the great man that shaped me and so many others Aaron. I really hope you know how wonderful a man you are, Thanks again...

Your friend

 Ret Sgt Daniel Huber...

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