Aaron Tippin Celebrates 25 Years In Country Music

Jun 9 | Posted by: AT Team

To Celebrate 25 years in any field of work is something to cherish but to be relevant in the country music business for 25 years, well, that’s a rarity. 2015 marks Aaron Tippin’s 25th year as a major recording artist in country music. The whole year is about celebrating the 25 years with his new album 25. An album with 25 songs, 25 is a double album with 10 newly recorded versions of his best and most-loved hits while 10 are brand new tracks and 5 are some of his favorite covers. Below is a quick conversation with Aaron about his 25 project.

RoughStock: How does it feel to be in your 25th year of doing this?

Aaron Tippin: I’m very thankful to start with. I came out in the 1990s and to look at the fleet still out there and there aren’t many of us left. So to celebrate 25 years still making a living in the music business. So, I’m very thankful.

RoughStock: Yeah, and I’ve said to people that making it 5 years as a recording artist is an accomplishment.

Aaron Tippin: I told somebody the other day that about year three that I wondered if there’d be a year four…So I feel like  I’ve dodged the golden bb.

RoughStock: Not only have you been around 25 years but you’ve amassed a body of work that’s allowed you to create the project you’ve just released.

Aaron Tippin: Yeah, There’s 10 songs that everyone knows and loves, 10 songs that are brand new and five more surprises for fans, five songs I’ve loved to do and ones which I got to bring my family in on the recording. But for the 10 hits, those were the most popular ones. Seeing the charts where they landed and asking fans in the autograph lines what they thought were their favorite and then even friends in the industry…

RoughStock: That makes sense because it’s a way to give them what they wanted…

Aaron Tippin: Yeah and even now, a fan will come up and say, you didn’t sing my favorite song and I have to say Oh, I’m sorry…

Roughstock: Well, that makes sense too because once you’ve had more than 10-15 hits, an artist usually has to start making medleys to at least touch on the favorites, one that comes to mind is Collin Raye, who had to do the medleys to make sure fans don’t miss what they came to shows to see..

Aaron Tippin: Yeah, especially with this year’s tour. We’ve got new songs from the new album that I want people to hear. There are hits we have to play the whole thing but it’s great for us to be able to put some of the songs they come out to see on a medley.

That same stuff that goes with the album [25]. It’s the guy who grew up from those 10 hits to the new record to “This Side of Life” and the single “God’s Not Done With Me Yet.” There’s those other songs that show off different sides to my personality and allowed me to sing with my family on the project [Ed note: Aaron's sons Tom and Ted sing on the project as does wife and frequent co-writer Thea]. These songs, my hits, have been the cornerstone of my success, writing and recording the songs people can relate to the most.

RoughStock: Which, in my view, is how you’ve made it to 25 years in this crazy business…

Aaron: I’d like to think so. And in a way it’s a celebration of my music’s past and a look into where we’re going in the future with the new songs on the album.

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