Digital Journal: Country star raises money for veterans, swims with mermaids

May 1 | Posted by: AT Team

Acclaimed country star Aaron Tippin is a true American patriot. Most recently, he swam with mermaids in Great Falls, Montana, to help support veterans.

Last week, Tippin was in Great Falls, Montana, at the Sip 'N Dip Lounge, where he dressed as a celebrity merman, in an effort to raise funds for the Grace Home Veterans Center. The country star joined several mermaids for a swim in its indoor pool, which was visible through a big window in the bar.

Tippin noted that if you had told him that he would be swimming with mermaids in a bar in Montana while wearing a merman costume, he would have told you that "you're crazy," but that is what the veteran country star did.The country crooner shared that when he was asked by his friend, Sandi Thares, who owns the bar, in an effort to raise funds for the Grace Home Veterans Center, he knew he couldn't pass up that opportunity. "It was a blast and now I have a new respect for how tough it is to be a merman," Tippin said.This event was sold-out and it featured a live show by Aaron Tippin, as well as his wife, Thea, who is a native of Great Falls; moreover, their son, singer-songwriter Tom Tippin performed.While they visited Great Falls, Montana, Tippin took some time to visit the veterans that are residents at the Grace Home Veterans Center.

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