Police bringing country star Aaron Tippin to town

Apr 25 | Posted by: Bombplates

As Aaron Tippin nears 25 years as a country music star, he's still a bit amazed on how his life in the business began.

"My career actually started off, I mean the first thing I ever did professionally in country music, was to get on a C-141 with Bob Hope and go to Saudi Arabia to entertain the troops in the Persian Gulf," Tippin says. "And that was his last trip overseas and it was my first, so you know I kinda feel like the torch was handed to me."

Monday at The Temple Theater in Saginaw, Tippin will be playing for a different kind of serviceman. He's headlining the 40th Annual Saginaw County Police Chiefs Association Country Music Spectacular. Over the past four decades, the association has brought in the likes of Colin Raye and Juice Newton to raise awareness and funds for various charities in Saginaw County, including CAN Council, YMCA, the Exchange Club of Saginaw and many others.

But bringing in Tippin takes this event to another level for the group. And Aaron says he plans to live up to the high expectations.

"My show is not just stand behind the microphone and tap your toe, it's a pretty movin' country show. When you're doin' the live show, it's entertainment to me. The show never stops, there's no dead air."

Even in a smaller venue like the Temple, Tippin says the energy of his shows is high. But he also takes the opportunity in a more intimate room to do a little more than just sing his songs.

"Basically the show is around the hits that I've had over the years. I wrote most of my hits, so it's an intimate time where I get to tell a story about the song and tell people why I wrote it, or tell people what happened that made me write it."

And as Tippin gets older, reflecting on his past and sharing those stories is something he cherishes more and more.

"I think really at this stage of my career it's a cool thing that I get to tell everybody why I wrote the songs. That's it man, that's the top of it. Because, you know, you're goin to the core of it."

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